Generations Of Energy: Oil

As the coal industry was fazing down, Northeastern Pennsylvania entered a new chapter in energy - oil.
    By the 1920's, people were switching from coal to oil, gas and electricity to power their homes.
    In fact -- the very first oil well was drilled in Titusville, Pennsylvania.
    This was thanks to colonel Edwin Drake --
    Who really wasn't a colonel at all, and was at first laughed at in his quest to drill oil.
    But in 1859, he did what most people thought was impossible -- he struck oil.
    The Commonwealth went on to be the source of half of the world's oil production, up until the oil boom in Texas in 1901.
    Pennsylvania had a big part in the birth of the oil industry.
    But soon -- a new generation unfolded, and this region became the leader in another developing energy  -- natural gas

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