Generations of Energy: March 23, 2014

State deregulation of the energy industry allows people to shop around and choose the company that generates their power.
But tens of thousands of customers say their bills have skyrocketed.


Elias forin runs a small business in Eynon, Lackawanna county

He is just one customer who says his bill has nearly double every month since he signed a contract with a New York based electric company.

Lawmakers say part of the problem is they don't always understand the contracts they are signing with power suppliers.

They fear customers are being taken advantage of.

 Robert Powelson, P.U.C. Chairman said
"I can tell you my colleagues  and I have zero tolerance for any supplier that would do such a thing to a consumer.."


The Consumers Affairs Committee in Harrisburg as well as State Attorney General Kathleen Kane are investigating the issue.

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