Generations of Energy: June 1, 2014

Published 06/03 2014 11:22AM

Updated 06/03 2014 02:00PM

  When officials with Lackawanna College look at a drilling rig -- they see jobs.that's why they opened the School of Petroleum and Natural Gas.the placement rate for their graduates is around 96-percent. That means options for students like 54-year-old Ken Walter.  The East Benton man enrolled after he was laid off from Harper Collins Publishers.  :When we go out in the field, we're far ahead of whats out there already and they've worked in the field..."

 Lackawana College officials say the age range of their students is from 18 -- all the way up into their 50's .

Rick Marquardt, School of Petroleum & Natural Gas told Eyewitness News "We have students that have strong math and science or technical backgrounds, right out of high school and they're very successful but we also have displaced workers who had the factory shut down."

  Cabot Oil and Gas recently gave the school a 2.5 million dollar endowment -- in order to help train the next Generation of workers.for Generations of Energy,

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