Generations of Energy: July 28, 2013 Edition

Published 07/30 2013 01:26PM

Updated 08/21 2013 12:33PM

Farmers from Wayne County say they're always looking ways to bring down the cost of food.
  One way is finding the most efficient form of energy ... Which has changed quite a bit over the years.

Farmer Dave Williams has been interested in energy since he was a little boy. He spent about seven years in the drilling industry in Texas.
From the time his older generations bought the Honesdale farm in the 1840's, there have been big changes in energy -- from coal, to modern wind and solar.
As a broadcaster of Pennsylvania Farm County radio network, Williams talks to farmers from all over -- and he knows how important energy is to them.
He said dairy farmers can see electric bills from 18 thousand dollars and up. Bringing down this cost of energy also means bringing down the cost of food.
Leasing land to natural gas businesses has been a way for farmers to invest in the best products.
 "How it's changed the farmers around here is it has actually kept them in business a few more years." Said Bob Rutledge of North Wayne Property Alliance.
Rutledge and Williams agree that natural gas is a good transition -- until a new type of energy comes along.
  In next week's generations of energy, we'll talk about why some farmers are banned from cashing in on Marcellus Shale ... And what do they think will be the next big thing in energy?

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