Generations of Energy: January 18, 2014

One energy provider is providing more than power ... They're providing resources for customers to save money ... For free.
  PPL  is helping customers save money on their electric bill with a easy savings workshop. It's called "E Power Wise," and it's free of charge for income eligible  customers. PPl is partnering with "Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Pennsylvania"   Participants receive a kit full of items to cut back on energy usage. Organizers say you can save money in ways you've never thought of!

Are you a PPL customer? Participate in the E-PowerWise Program and save $$$ on your electric bill!

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Pennsylvania is partnering with PPL with their “E-PowerWise” Easy Savings Program. To be eligible for this program you must be a PPL customer and you must fall into the income guidelines set by PPL. If you satisfy the income requirements you can incorporate this session with your appointment with a counselor. Participants get a kit with at least $50 worth of energy saving merchandise. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Northeastern Pennsylvania will hold the next PPL Easy Savings workshop in their Pittston Office Conference Room at 401 Laurel St. on Wednesday, Feb. 12 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. To register, call 570-602-2227 ext. 220 or e-mail

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