Gay Couple Denied A Cake From A Popular Bakery

By Andrew Forgotch |, Nick Hughes |

Published 08/12 2014 05:39PM

Updated 08/12 2014 08:55PM

Schuylkill Haven, Schuylkill County - Jennifer and Bethany Petrich told Eyewitness News they wanted a cake for a ceremony to renew their vows.

The two had an appointment with Cake Pros in Schuylkill Haven to taste some of the cakes. They said they were devastated when they got a call they weren't going to be given service.

"It's a hometown bakery and I wanted to support my hometown," Jennifer Petrich, told Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

Growing up in Schuylkill Haven, Jennifer and Bethany Petrich, said they were very familiar with the Cake Pros bakery. That's why when the two were planning a ceremony to renew their vows the bakery seemed like an obvious choice to supply the cake.

"My mom, who is planning our wedding, called and made the appointment for us," Jennifer said. "It was okay at that time and and she was open and honest and said it's for Bethany and Jennifer."

A call to Jennifer's mom, while Jennifer was in the hospital, changed their plans.

"They had called and said to her they were a christian bakery and the owner talked to Jesus for two weeks," Jennifer said. "And that because it was two females getting married she couldn't bake our cake."

The Petrich's told Eyewitness News they were confused and frustrated.

"We asked her to make us a wedding cake and not marry us," Jennifer said. "I didn't understand."

"It's just very disappointing that there's still discrimination out there and it was just a cake," Bethany said.

The couple took to Facebook to let everyone know about their story. After they shared their story the bakery got a lot of added attention.

Lorraine Fleming, the owner of Cake Pros, told Eyewitness News that employees of the store have been harassed.

"I'm sorry for the damage that has been done as far as hurt feelings," Fleming said.

Fleming told Eyewitness News it was a tough decision since she has gay people in her family. She said it was a religious choice and she stands by her decision.

"I'm not sorry for my decision and I feel strong," she said. "I know that I'm doing the right thing."

Fleming said she doesn't plan to change her decision.

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