Frustration Remains after Water Returns to Marshalls Creek Development

By Mark Hiller |

Published 07/05 2014 10:50PM

Updated 07/05 2014 11:38PM

Marshalls Creek, Monroe County -- I was so frustrated because they couldn't even estimate how long it takes them to fix something," said Frank Ross. The frustration for him and other residents at Mountain Manor in Marshalls Creek lies in a water outage that hit some four dozen homes.

Residents say lightning struck an electric-powered well on Wednesday afternoon. The jolt knocked out the water pump causing residents' water taps to go dry through the 4th of July leaving them boiling mad to start the holiday weekend. "I know it was July 4th weekend but that's no excuse. I still had to you know do what I had to do." Keith Calvosa was among those who had to get cases of bottled water just to get through the dry spell. "It was a very, very big pain brushing your teeth in the morning with bottled water," he said. Mr. Ross added, "We also go down to the creek and fill up bottles down at the creek to flush the toilets."

Steven Satriano was among those who claimed they couldn't get satisfaction from the development's maintenance office on when water service would be restored. "They just said they're working on it. Basically, that's all we were told. But that's all we're ever told anytime the water goes out in here."

Residents say they've endured other long stretches without water -- the worst coming during October 2012 when Superstorm Sandy knocked out power. This time, running water was finally restored late Friday night ending the outage that spanned over parts of three days. "A very long stretch. It's such an inconvenience," said Mr. Satriano.

Eyewitness News made repeated calls Saturday to Mountain Manor for a comment but got no response.

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