From the Producers Pod: May 10-11, 2014 Edition

Hi it’s Jayne Ann Bugda from the Producer’s Pod. 
Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever. ~Author Unknown
 Happy Mother’s Day!  Many blessing and love to my mom “Janie”!
 A program reminder- Pennsylvania Secretary of Revenue, Dan Meuser will be the featured guest on Newsmakers.  The monthly public affairs program is hosted by Senior Producer Jayne Ann Bugda and the I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick.
  Secretary Meuser will discuss the financial state of the state.  He will also talk about pensions, the Natural Gas Industry, taxes and attracting businesses to the Commonwealth.  The benefits and future of Pennsylvania Lottery will also be discussed.  Newsmakers will air Sunday, May 11 at 6:30 am on WYOU. Newsmakers will air on WBRE On Sunday May 18 at 11:30 am

 I encourage you to join us this week at 11 pm on Eyewitness News I-Team Reporter Laurie Monteforte takes an unprecedented look at how one little pill can lead to lives changing and unraveling in a matter of weeks.  We will hear from young people-whose journey into prescription drug addiction lead them to selling drugs and themselves for that next high. We will also hear from investigators who show how one person can make a difference in stopping drug trafficking in our communities.   Coming Clean: True Stories of Prescription Drug Addiction is a wake-up call for young people, parents and our communities.”  Then on Friday- join us for a call in program to get you questions about prescription drug addiction answered by a panel of experts.
In the PA Live Kitchen this week-  PA Live Host Dave Kuharchik checking in with his week’s Kitchen line up!
Monday-  Boulevard Diner -Scranton
Tuesday-   Bartolai Winery – Hawley
Wednesday-  Bosack’s Choice Meats- Olyphant
Thursday- Doc MaGrogan’s Oyster House- Scranton
Friday-  MD Pit Bar-B-Que- Exeter
Got a Question?
  If you have a veteran's issue- you can call Judge Tom Munley of Veterans Views at 570-706-7418.  You can also reach Judge Munley on
If you have a legal question you would like answered by Law and You team of Attorney Greg Fellerman and Attorney Ed Ciarimboli you can call 570-706-7429.  You can also submit a question on
 -Generations of Energy Segment: Take a look at the past, present and the future-of energy sources in our region.  Join  Drew Speier for this week’s edition of  The Generations of Energy report this Sunday at 11 pm on Eyewitness News  
  Catch up on the week in news in our new feature Eyewitness News Week in Review.  Producer Lindsay Keeler  gets you up to day-  The segment airs Sunday Morning during our 9 am Weekend Newscast!
If you missed this week’s In the Garden Report with Josh Hodell – you can catch an encore during our  Eyewitness News Saturday Morning.  It is also available for viewing right here on PA Homepage .  Our friends at the Greenhouse Project at Nay Aug Park are helping us out!
  Check out our Community Link here on PA Homepage.  This weekend features:  (Read more about these events on Community Link)

 Senator for the Day Program- More than 80 students representing 11 local high schools converged on Penn State’s Schuylkill Campus on Thursday morning to debate mock legislation, which mirror similar proposals currently being debated by the state’s General Assembly.
The Locust Township Police Officer's Association is hosting a Rabies Clinic for dogs and cats.

Penn State Hazleton held its Commencement Ceremonies on Friday. 
Join the Team:
 Sharon Gaeta and Kevin Derk will be here for Eyewitness News.   Saturday and  Sunday at 9 a.m.. 
  Join Kelly- Mark Hiller,  Drew Anderson and A.J. Donatoni for Eyewitness News at 6 and 11 (on WBRE/WYOU) and at 10 on Fox 56 on Saturday and Sunday evening.  
  Kirstin Cook is your Weekend producer.   
What's on TV Tonight?
Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator- has these program highlights for the weekend on WBRE and WYOU.   
Saturday, May 10, 2014-   
    WOLF – 7-11PM, Nascar – Sprint Cup from KC, Kansas…. (news goes to WSWB!)…..  
WBRE has “Dateline Saturday Night Mystery”… 11 female bodies are found in a New Mexico desert…..(repeat). 
  “48 Hours” (9pm)…..a man helps a new detective figure out who killed his dad….and at 10pm…..a dead Weight Watchers executive,---hear her frantic cell phone call for help---before she dies.  Both on WYOU.   
“SNL” is new tonight…with Charlize Theron as host and The Black Keys getting some long-time-coming respect as musical guest.
Sunday, May 11, 2014- 
 “Bob’s Burgers” – will Wonder Wharf be sold?  And later, on “The Simpsons”, Lisa decides that she does not need friends.  Both WOLF
“NBC Dateline” – amazing athletic adventures (on tape) and a  Miami bride is found dead 4 days after her wedding.  “Rosemary’s Baby” (Part 1),---the scene is Paris and Rosemary and Guy
move into a haunted apartment….. that’s WBRE. 
 “60 Minutes” – are farmed salmon…killing wild salmon?  And see musical instruments made from the trash of Paraguay…. “Amazing Race” is in Liverpool, England…and on “The Mentalist”, will Jane and Lisbon be able to save the victims of a kidnapping ring? 
Thank you for making Eyewitness News Part of your Weekend!

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