From the Producers Pod: February 21, 2014 Edition

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 02/21 2014 03:44PM

Updated 02/21 2014 03:48PM

 Hi It's Jayne Ann Bugda from the "Producer Pod"
  Here's what we are working  on for Eyewitness News for  February 21, 2014.

  Sing, dance, jump in puddles!
(I saw this on a poster)

Puddles: My major complaint today- massive puddles!  Please everyone take your time driving and walking-a lot of water around-may be ice underneath. 
Be mindful of those walking when driving-those big puddles really splash!

  I just read on the internet that this week's marks the 40th anniversary of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner musical split.  Dolly recorded "I will always love you" about the split.  ....okay now on to news.

  We are continuing to feature members of our News Team during our late edition of Eyewitness News- entitled-  "Get to Know".  Tonight we'll Get to Know our friend-Daybreak Anchor  Monica Madeja.  ! 
  That is tonight on Eyewitness News at 11 pm on WYOU and  WBRE.


  Eyewitness News Daybreak Anchor Tim Kelchner is in Sochi Russia for the Winter Olympics-  You can see his report every  day on Eyewitness News. Follow Tim on Twitter or Facebook!
  Also, Monica Madeja is introducing us to the Russian Word of the Day- Kim Kulagin of Scranton is our translator. 

  Join Ken Brown in the Ozone tonight at 7:30  pm.  Tonight Ken will have a feature film on film- an old fashioned way of recording Sochi activities .

  Plus, a behind the scene look at the broadcast booth!

 Don't forget to check out the Community Link here on PAHomepage. 

  You will find much more on these stories and more! 

 The Lehigh County District Attorney's Office is seeking veterans who would like to volunteer to help other veterans charged with nonviolent offenses in the criminal justice system.

Hungarian gypsy band Romano Drom will perform on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 7:30 p.m. at the Campus Theatre, 413 Market St., in downtown Lewisburg.
Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. A dance class will be led by Stephen Kotansky from 6:45-7:15 p.m. on the Campus Theatre's mezzanine.

  On PA LIVE -

Remember PA LIVE- 11:30 am during the Olympics 

On Eyewitness News at Five-  Katherine Lachette is your producer

  All eyes on the river.  US Senator Bob Casey in the area to talk about funding for river water gauges.  The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick will have our story.

  There is a grand opening for the Dansbury Depot in Monroe County!  Our Laurie Monteforte will have this story for us tonight!

  The  Penn State THON dance marathon begins.  Tonight our Eric Deabill checks in with students at PSU Worthington Campus who have already raised money for the event. 

  On Eyewitness News at 6 and 11 
 Lindsay Keeler  is your producer 

  The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick continues to keep an eye on the river-and area waterways now that the snow is melting.

  A big donation to help pets in the Poconos.  Laurie Monteforte tells what the big plans are for the big money.

  On Eyewitness News at Seven on WYOU-  An update of all the day's news.  Plus, here is what else I, (Jayne Ann)  will have for you. 

  A stolen VW Bug car is found....40 years later!

  We are celebrating Mardi Gras.

  We love spring training- We will take you out to the ball game. 

Fox 56 News at 10:  Caitlin Rowe  is your producer!

  Tonight we'll take a look at the mobile headquarters the drivers at the Daytona 500 use while on the road and at the race track.

  Plus-a Chihuahua and a Chicken
are best friends!  A cute story from the animal world. 

  Going to bed early? 
 Early Birds get your morning news on Eyewitness News Daybreak.  Monday through Friday
 Rise and shine with  Monica  and Dave and Tim
Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer is your producer.


 Your Eyewitness News Producing Line-Up- 

  Jayne Ann Bugda- Senior Producer PAHomepage  and Eyewitness News at 7 pm 
  Dawn Miller- Senior Producer-Manager

  Dave Becker  -  Eyewitness News at  11 am and Noon.

  Katherine Lachette- Eyewitness at 5

  Lindsay Keeler - Eyewitness News 6 and 11 


  Caitlin Rowe  - Eyewitness News at 10 (Fox56)

  Kirstin Cook  -  Eyewitness News at 10 Fox 56 Weekend

Kaitlin Sosnowski -Ayers-Eyewitness News Daybreak

What's on TV Tonight?  ( )

  Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator  has these program highlights for  WBRE and WYOU. 

  Olympic Coverage on WBRE
 "Blue Bloods" mini-marathon on WYOU tonight…. 8-11pm… (repeats)…. Repeats of "Bones", "Enlisted" and "Raising Hope" on WOLF. 
Olympics has the women's alpine slalom final, and the men's speed skating team semi-finals.

 David Letterman has "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette,  Jimmy Fallon is finally at 11:30pm tonight (he moves to 11:35pm next week)… with his buddy Justin Timberlake as his guest.



  Thank you for making Eyewitness News part of your day!


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