From the Producers Pod: February 13, 2014 Edition

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 02/13 2014 03:34PM

Updated 02/13 2014 03:52PM

Hi It's Jayne Ann Bugda from the "Producer Pod"
  Here's what we are working  on for Eyewitness News for  February 13, 2014.

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. ~John Ruskin
(From the Quote Garden)

  Are you hanging in there? 
I remember when I was back in school and it snowed - it was great- stay home-play outside- watch the soaps! 
  Now- not so happy with the snow!  Cleaned off my car twice already today- and I imagine I will have to do it -because the storm is not done yet.

  Our Weather Team is hard at work - check out the forecast on line and on Eyewitness News.

Please be careful driving and walking.  Keep an eye out for neighbors and our pet friends.


  While we are dealing with the snow, our Tim Kelchner is enjoying some lovely weather in Sochi.

  Eyewitness News Daybreak Anchor Tim Kelchner is in Sochi Russia for the Winter Olympics-  You can see his report every  day on Eyewitness News. Follow Tim on Twitter or Facebook!
  Also, Monica Madeja is introducing us to the Russian Word of the Day- Kim Kulagin of Scranton is our translator. 

  Join Ken Brown in the Ozone tonight at 7:30  pm.  Tonight Ken will feature the local terrain park at Big Boulder- A. J. Donatoni will have the for us.

  Plus-a feature the very popular Jamaican Bobsled team.
  Then- figure skating fashions.
And Ken will get us ready for Olympics in Primetime.

  Tonight on Eyewitness News at 11 on WYOU and Following the Olympics on WBRE- We begin Scam Week.  Tonight- The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick takes a look at  how senior citizens are targeted on the internet.


 Don't forget to check out the Community Link here on PAHomepage. 

  You will find much more on these stories and more! 

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Celebrity Artist Series’ Piano Concerts return with Christopher O’Riley, who will perform his solo show, “Out of My Hands,” as a part of BU’s celebration of its 175th anniversary.

The Penn State Hazleton Library will host area native Dr. Gary R. Matyas ’78 on Monday, February 17 at noon in the library for a presentation titled “Prevention of HIV/AIDS: Efforts to Develop a Vaccine.” Matyas is chief, Adjuvants and Formulation Section, Laboratory of Adjuvants and Antigen, at the U.S. Military HIV Research Program.

  On PA LIVE -

Remember PA LIVE- 11:30 am during the Olympics.

On Eyewitness News at Five-  Katherine Lachette is your producer

  Our Laurie Monteforte and photo journalist Tom Gregory on the job today-  they are working on a story about the people who can't take a snow day. (That includes News People)

  Valentine's Day is tomorrow.  Florists are busy and hoping to make those special deliveries.  Eric Deabill and photojournalist Mark Monahan are working on that story.

  Good day to hit the slopes- we'll check out Montage Mountain. 

  In Berwick-  some borough officials are helping the community dig out.  Valerie Tysanner has the story.

  On Eyewitness News at 6 and 11 
 Lindsay Keeler  is your producer 

  Eric Deabill travels to Wayne County for our storm coverage.

  Brittany Sweeney and photo journalist Lonnie Miller traveled to Schuylkill County to check out the conditions

  Looking for something to eat? Laurie Monteforte found a Pizza Shop open for business today.

  On Eyewitness News at Seven on WYOU-  An update of all the day's news.  Plus, here is what else I, (Jayne Ann)  will have for you. 

  We will have an update on the snow.

  A train derailed in Western PA we'll that story.

  Plus a big GM recall to tell you about.

  And the battle cry in Russia is less homework....more Olympics


Fox 56 News at 10:  Caitlin Rowe  is your producer!

  We are off to a Dolphin wedding.

  That's just ducky- some ducks stopped traffic today. 


  Going to bed early? 
 Early Birds get your morning news on Eyewitness News Daybreak.  Monday through Friday
 Rise and shine with  Monica  and Dave and Tim
Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer is your producer.


 Your Eyewitness News Producing Line-Up- 

  Jayne Ann Bugda- Senior Producer PAHomepage  and Eyewitness News at 7 pm 
  Dawn Miller- Senior Producer-Manager

  Dave Becker  -  Eyewitness News at  11 am and Noon.

  Katherine Lachette-  11 am and Eyewitness at 5

  Lindsay Keeler - Eyewitness News 6 and 11 


  Caitlin Rowe  - Eyewitness News at 10 (Fox56)

  Kirstin Cook  -  Eyewitness News at 10 Fox 56 Weekend

Kaitlin Sosnowski -Ayers-Eyewitness News Daybreak

What's on TV Tonight?  ( )

  Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator  has these program highlights for  WBRE and WYOU. 

  Olympic Coverage on WBRE
"Idol" - the top semi-finalists are announced…and on "Rake" - (9pm)----it's the case of the "alleged cannibal". (WOLF) "

Comedy repeats 8-10pm & on "Elementary" (also a re-run) , Watson looks for her mystery man. (WYOU.)

Olympics air 8-11:30pm with figure skating, freestyle skiing and women's speed skating on WBRE.
Craig Ferguson has Matt LeBlanc, and in Late Night Olympics, it's women's short track (speed skating) at 12midnight.



  Thank you for making Eyewitness News part of your day!


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