From the Producer Pod: August 8, 2014 Edition

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 08/08 2014 03:42PM

Updated 08/08 2014 03:45PM

Hi It's Jayne Ann Bugda from the "Producer Pod"

  Here's what we are working  on for Eyewitness News for  August 8, 2014. 
  There is a hidden cash craze going on in Bloomsburg!  Earlier this week- Valerie Tysanner did a preview on the story.  If you click on the story on PA Homepage- you can find the links to the clues.

  Isn't that hidden cash craze interesting?  And it is happening on National Dollar Day! 

  Today also happens to be National Happiness Happens Day-  Cue the song "Happy" in your head!

  Program Note: Fox News First at 10 will be on WSWB tonight due to the Football game.  Our team will have a news update during halftime of the game.  The entire newscast will be on WSWB.

 Don't forget to check out the Community Link here on PAHomepage.  Today's Community News Features

  This quarter the Frailey team has decided to support the Cops N Kids Literacy Program of Pocono Alliance as their Community Outreach Project.  During the entire month of August, they are collecting such items as children's books, coloring books, non-toxic crayons, non-permanent markers, sticker books, activity books, non-toxic colored pencils and water color sets for age's birth to 8.

The Berwick Hospital Center staff recently held its fourth annual Relay for Life golf tournament. The group raised nearly $40,000 over the last four years for the American Cancer Society.

  On PA LIVE -

  On loan from Eyewitness News at 7- Brittany Sweeney joins Dave today on PA Live

 In the PA Live Kitchen- 

Ruth Corcoran from Cork Bar and Grill in the kitchen. Chef Ruth is  preparing a spicy shredded beef taco and homemade guacamole and salsa.

  Star of the Cult Classic movie "Clerks"  Brian O'Halloran & movie producer David Madison here to talk about the Mr. Hush weekend of fear coming to the Woodlands next month.

 Plus - Jeff Boam, the PA Live movie guy has the inside look at the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick. 

On Eyewitness News at Five  Katherine Lachette is your producer-

  An arrest is made in a series of bomb threats made at banks in our area.  Eric Deabill has our story

  We are so happy- John Bubb got his bike back!  Kelly Choate will update her story from last!  A lot of people were touched by this story. 

 On Eyewitness News at 6 and 11  Lindsay Keeler  is your producer. 


  A King's College Professor travels to Africa to see first hand the fruits of her donations-  Mark Hiller will have our story.


  On Eyewitness News at Seven on WYOU- 
An update of all the day's news.  Plus, here is what else I, (Jayne Ann)  will have for you. 


  We will check out the storm in Hawaii!


  A young fan is able to find a foul ball hit during a ball game last night in Wisconsin....this story will make you smile. 

  Smokey Bear is marking a milestone!  No candles on the cake please

Fox 56 News at 10 Caitlin Rowe  is your producer 
  One couple makes a big splash on their wedding day!  But they had to wait for that first kiss.

  Then, the ups and downs-of a Yo Yo Championship.

  Kaitlin Sosnowski-Ayer is your producer.


 Your Eyewitness News Producing Line-Up- 

  Jayne Ann Bugda- Senior Producer PAHomepage  and Eyewitness News at 7 pm 

  Dawn Miller- Senior Producer-Manager

  Dave Becker  -  Eyewitness News at  11 am and Noon.

  Katherine Lachette- Eyewitness at 5

  Lindsay Keeler - Eyewitness News 6 and 11 


  Caitlin Rowe  - Eyewitness News at 10 (Fox56)

  Kirstin Cook  -  Eyewitness News at 10 Fox 56 Weekend

Kaitlin Sosnowski -Ayers-Eyewitness News Daybreak

  Shawn Carey-  Associate Producer

On the Assignment Desk=
  Dave Becker
  Tim Haberski
  Kirstin Cook

What's on TV Tonight?  ( )
  Sue Kalinowski- our WBRE/WYOU Program Director/Coordinator has your daily line up. 
Repeat crime dramas on WYOU 8-11pm,----"CSI" - is about a murdered groupie and a missing prostitute…and later Frank goes on Sean's class field trip ("Blue Bloods").
"Dateline NBC" tonight is a repeat with the case of Rebecca Musser's war against her polygamist preacher…..

All the repeats tonight are because of WOLF'S pre-season NFL game 8-11pm----Eagles @ Bears (Note: 10pm news goes to WSWB!).

 David Letterman has a re-do with Joan Rivers (more PGA highlights after that) ,
Jimmy Fallon has Jeff Bridges


  Thank you for making Eyewitness News part of your day!


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