Former School Janitor Sentenced in Sexting Case

Published 03/11 2014 04:00PM

Updated 03/11 2014 06:42PM

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – A man who once held jobs as a school security guard and a school janitor was sentenced for sharing sexually charged messages with a teenage girl.


Chris Megargel will spend 6-23 months in jail. He pled guilty to “Unlawful Contact with a Minor.” Prosecutors say he formed a digital relationship with a 14-year-old girl. Assistant District Attorney Mike Rakaczewski said, "It involved sexually explicit communication with a minor, discussion of different sex acts as well as a request for nude photographs and him sending a nude photograph himself to the minor."

Megargel told the judge, “I realize I made a mistake and I’m very remorseful for every bit.” He added, “Everybody makes mistakes. I made a huge one.”


He claimed he is a dedicated family man but prosecutors said the way he met the girl proves that’s not true. Rakaczewski said, "It was actually on like, kind of like a dating site although he was married and has four kids."


In addition to serving jail time, Megargel will have to register as a Megan’s Law Sex Offender for 25 years. However, he was not deemed a sexually violent predator.


Megargel, his wife, and his attorney declined to comment on this story. A woman who identified herself as his Mother-in-Law said the teenage girl should be held responsible because she should not have been meeting people on an adult dating site.

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