Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty for Selling Drugs While On Duty

- Update:
A former police officer in Luzerne County pleaded guilty to selling powerful pain killers.

Robert Evans Jr. admitted to selling more than 750 oxycodone pills.

It happened several times between august of 20-12 and july of last year while he was working as a hughestown borough police officer.

He was accused of selling the pills to several people including fellow Police Officers in The Pittston Area.

Hughestown, Luzerne County
-The F.B.I. says Hughestown police officer Robert Evans Junior, a onetime K-9 officer in Hughestown sold powerful pains killers like Oxycodone, percocet and vicoden over the past year.

Often times from inside his police cruiser in full uniform and wearing his service weapon.

Federal agents say he allegedly drove another client to Wilkes-Barre to purchase illegal drugs.

Investigators also say Evans sold the painkillers to Dupont police officer Kenneth Shotwell.

Shotwell has not been charged in the case according to an F.B.I. 

According to Investigators, an informant says sometimes bought the drugs from Evans at the Hughestown police station. 

Residents of Hughestown are still trying to come to grips with the news.
The Hughestown Police Chief told the I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick that Officer Evans is suspended without pay for now and the officer in charge of the Dupont police department told the I-Team officer Shotwell is no longer on the schedule. 

Efforts to reach Shotwell and Evans have been unsuccessful

 Legal experts say the investigations both officers were handling could be in jeopardy.

Federal investigators say Hughestown police officer Robert Evans junior sold powerful pain killers like oxycoden, percocet and vicadin while on duty and in full uniform over the past year. One of his alleged clients was Dupont Police officer Kenneth Shotwell. Evans was arrested last Friday. Shotwell has not been charged in the case. Attorney Tom Marsilio is a former Luzerne County prosecutor  and has also prosecuted cases at the federal level. he is now a defense attorney..
  "The district attorney's office does in fact have to review all of their cases to see if its viable to proceed."
Marsilio says any case...even as minor as a traffic situation can now be challenged.
"Cases involving these police officers- a defense council for certain- is going to bring up the fact that arrests have been made in order to detract from credibility of the officers. The question is can the officer testify?."
Marslio says however some cases may have no problem. If others officers are involved called affiants.
"If there are co affiants on the case or other police officers who were involved in the arrests these in that event the co affiant could in fact testify. However rest assured you know the defense counsel is somehow going to inject into the case the other co affiant not in court to detract credibility of the case."
Most of the cases handled by Evans and Shotwell would be filed at the office of district judge in Pittston.  Staff members say they have no idea at this point how any cases both men were involved with but would research that data and get back to Eyewitness News..

The District Attorney  is now investigating.

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