FanVision: The Must-Have Device For PGA Championship

- There's a new way to experience the PGA Championship at Oak Hill.

The PGA calls FanVision "the ultimate golf experience." It's a hand-held widescreen device that gets you closer to the pros and the golf course.

"Obviously you come here to watch the golf in person, and you can be sitting in a bleacher, you can be having lunch at a concession stand, you can be anywhere on property but FanVision allows you to be connected like you are at home in your lounge watching," said David Charles, Senior Director of PGA Championships.   

There's going to be action all over Oak Hill. Watch a live broadcast from CBS and the other networks carrying the action. FanVision has become a hot item over the years. There are only 5,000 devices so if you want one, you'll have to act fast. FanVision is available Thursday through Sunday. It costs $25 for a one day rental and $75 for a four day rental. You can reserve FanVision on-line now, get a discount and pick it up when you arrive at Oak Hill.

"You can see leaderboards on here, you can get the tee times, you can have a course map, find out where you are, what holes are near by, where you want to go, said Charles.

You can even customize FanVision to follow your favorite players.

"There's player information and bios on all the players. There's the detailed hole location on every single hole here at Oak Hill," said Charles. "There's a Twitter feed. You can see what @pgachampionship is showing on Twitter, so it's the best way to stay connected while here on property and view everything that is going on, on all 18 holes,"

With FanVision, the PGA says you get the best of both worlds. You can experience the championship at Oak Hill in person and never miss a single stroke.
FanVision has really become a hot item throughout the years. There are only 5,000 devices, so if you want one you will need to act fast. You can reserve by clicking here.

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