Family, Friends React After Man Dies After Being Tased By Police

Published 08/09 2014 06:28PM

Updated 08/09 2014 06:49PM

Tamaqua, Schuylkill County - Friends and family tell Eyewitness News that Jose Paulino, Junior said he hit a rough patch in his life, but claim that he was a good guy.

"Jose was more than a husband," Joan Belford, told Eyewitness News. "He was a father, he was a friend and he was a good guy! He didn't deserve that and I want him back more than anything in the world."

Belford's eyes were swollen, when she spoke with Eyewitness News Saturday morning, from the amount of crying she's done in the last day.

On Friday the man she's lived with for the past 10 years, and considered her husband, died after being tased by police in Tamaqua.

"He didn't deserve to go down like that," she said.

According to State Police Paulino, 38, was running around Fegley's Mini Mart and Sunoco on Center Street in Tamaqua around 4 a.m. shouting obscenities.

Belford wasn't with Paulino, but witnesses told her Paulino was acting erratically.

Belford told Eyewitness News that Paulino hadn't been acting like himself for the last two months because in that time he lost his job, his house, and the right to see his children.

"A person can only take so much," she said. "Jose was a good person. I just wish i could have him back."

Belford said when she last saw Paulino on Friday morning he seemed all right. She believes police used excessive force to take him down and now she holds a grudge towards them.   

"Of course I do," she said. "I have a lot of anger towards them because if it wasn't for them my husband would still be here with me today."

Other members of Paulino's family showed up in Tamaqua Saturday, coming in to town from New York.

Paulino's uncle, who's also named Jose, said they were stunned to hear about his death. He told Eyewitness News that they are also angry with police.

"To my knowledge they were wrong," Paulino said. "They shouldn't have stopped him like that."

Belford admitted to Eyewitness News that Paulino had a criminal history, but emphasized that was in the past.

An autopsy on Paulino was completed Saturday morning. Dr. David Moylan, the Schuylkill County Corner, said the cause of death for Paulino is pending. He said further tests are needed to determine how he died.

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