Early morning fire destroys Northumberland County home

The investigation is underway.


Firefighters from two counties spent several hours working to battle flames inside this double-block home on North Chestnut Street in Mount Carmel Tuesday morning.
    Kathy Moroz lives on the right side of the building  and it was her family who first smelled the smoke.

 "By the time I called 911 and I came down, the house was full of smoke. His side was engulfed in flames, full of flames." Said Kathy Moroz.

    Investigators believe the fire actually started on the first floor of the left side of the building.
    One man lives there and there was initial concern he could be still inside because his truck was right next to the building.
    Firefighters did four searches -- but don't think he was home at the time.

"We were all thinking that, is he inside, is he trapped? They were inside looking all over the place and we were all wondering -- please God don't let him be in there! " said neighbor Bob Mann.

    One firefighter was treated at the scene for heat exhaustion.
    A bystander was also taken to the hospital after passing out.
    For the fire victims  the blaze was devastating and they lost a lot of memories.

"My boys grew up in this house. My husband grew up in this house." said Kathy Moroz, choking back tears .

A total of five people are now displaced.
    They are being helped out by the "American Red Cross."
    The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.



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