Documentary on Farm Animals that Escaped Slaughter

By Mark Hiller |

Published 09/04 2014 06:05PM

Updated 09/04 2014 07:26PM

Mehoopany Township, Wyoming County -- Indraloka Animal Sanctuary Creative Director Johnny Braz photographs one of his favorite subjects -- a huge hog that the staff named "Eddie Traffic". Eddie along with a duck named Abhay and nearly a dozen chickens that lived at the sanctuary have something in common. They all somehow got free from slaughterhouse trucks to end up living out the rest of their lives at Indraloka. "It's so interesting to see how fate intervened with these animals that were headed maybe an hour or two from slaughter and then all of a sudden running free lives out among other free animals," said Mr. Braz.

He decided to turn the good fortune of the animals that got free into a documentary called "Truckin'". "I thought it was interesting to see their stories after not going to slaughter how they had personalities and interests and just very unique individuals."

Eyewitness News coverage of Eddie Traffic's arrival at Indraloka last January is part of the documentary. In Eddie's case, his new-found freedom took some getting used to. "When an animal has been living in a cage, in an environment where they are not able to live naturally and then they come to a natural state at first it's a little bit difficult for them," said Indraloka Animal Sanctuary founder and director Indra Lahiri. She is lending her voice to the project as the narrator. "I love each and every one of these animals and I think it's such a gift for me to be able to hopefully share their voices and speak for them a little bit," said Ms. Lahiri.

Mr. Braz will present "Truckin" on September 12th to the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg and help put focus on the plight of farm animals. "Not many people know or think too much about what farm animals go through and I hope to raise awareness and not only that but to have an uplifting story that people can see." 

After Mr. Braz presents the director's cut of "Truckin'" in Luxembourg, he'll work on another version that he hopes to show on a wider scale. Possible venues include the Toronto Film Festival in Canada and the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.

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