DJ Banned From Parade After Riding on Pope Float

Published 03/10 2014 04:25PM

Updated 03/10 2014 06:07PM

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Gary Smith, known as “Gary in the Morning” of Pocono 96.7 radio, dressed as the Pope and rode a Popemobile float in Stroudsburg’s Saint Patrick’s Day Parade last year. "I was really celebrating. If you remember we had just elected a new Pope. I'm Catholic, you know I was very happy we had a new pope,” he said.


His co-host Elisa Chase walked in front of the float dressed as a nun. As the event ended, a parade organizer approached Smith. He recalled, "She just yelled at me, came up and started screaming at me that I've been a problem for a long time and this is it and I'm never getting back in the parade."


The radio team thought it was a joke until the station signed up to join this year. Parade organizer Pat Murray said Gary and his team are banned from the parade, for life. "It's her parade. She can do what she wants,” remarked Smith.


Murray told a newspaper Chase was a “bimbo.” She later told Eyewitness News, “I was looking for a better word but I didn’t have one and I’m sorry that I used that word.”


Chase said she is not holding a grudge. She added, "It's more of a forgiveness thing in my eyes than a revenge oh my God situation." But she is disappointed she won’t be walking this year. She said, "We do so much for the community and it's a community event it just seems odd that we're not going to be involved anymore."


Some people suggested boycotting the event but Smith and Chase don’t want that to happen. Smith explained, "There's Girl Scouts in this parade. There's kids. There's Special Olympics. It's their day. It's not my day so I don't want anybody to boycott."

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