Decorated Iraq And Afghanistan War Veteran Speaks Out About ISIS

By Andy Mehalshick

Published 08/25 2014 06:35PM

Updated 08/25 2014 06:50PM

Retired Army Staff Sgt. Erik Olson says he has seen how violent the Islamic militant group ISIS can be and insists that the United States must do whatever it takes to stop the terrorist group. Olsen said, "I saw firsthand on the ground what these people are like. They are brutal and apocalyptic. They are not an army interested in peace. They want to kill the West and that is the bottom line." Olson was wounded six times during tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and received two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star with Valor. Olson was a member of the Special Operations Group in Iraq and Afghanistan. He told Eyewitness News, "ISIS is the most funded terrorist group in the world and will kill anyone who gets in their way." Olson says he is not a General or politician but says he thinks the United States and its allies must support the Kurds in anyway possible and use air power against ISIS wherever they have a strong hold. He added, "I know the only thing ISIS understands is force."

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