Creative Homemade Book Covers

Published 08/04 2009 09:18AM

Updated 08/06 2009 11:20AM

Creative Homemade Book Covers

No one wants to get hit for a damaged book fine at the end of the school year when text books are turned back in so make sure you get those books covered. 
But just because they are functional doesn't mean they have to be boring.  Give those books some personality and a little style. 

What Youll Need

Paper bag, comic section of newspaper (use Sunday's if you want them in color), left over wrapping paper

Baseball cards, pictures of favorite stars, travel photos  (make sure these items are all expendable/replaceable as they will most likely be torn, stained or written on over the course of the school year)

Markers, crayons, paints etc.  (make sure to do your artwork with the paper off of the book so there's no chance it will bleed through when creating your masterpiece)

Lamination (optional)


  •  Fold paper in half around a closed book. Crease the paper sharply around all edges of the book.
  •  Remove the book and trim the paper -- leaving a 2- to 3-inch margin around the creased rectangle.
  • Fold in the top and bottom edges of the paper along the lengthwise crease lines.
  • Then fold in the right and left edges of the paper along the side crease lines.
  • Slide the front cover of the book into the folded paper "sleeve" along the left edge of the paper cover. Repeat with back cover and right side.
  • Once you have the book cover created you/your child can begin to decorate and personalize their cover with snapshots, baseball cards or their own artwork.

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