Corbett Softens Stance On Medical Marijuana

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County -- Governor Tom Corbett is supporting the limited use of medical marijuana. The governor said he wants to see more research before he takes further action.

Mary Loughlin knows the devastating impact that epilepsy can have on a family. When her son Michael was 20, he was bitten by mosquitos, developed a virus that caused inflammation of the brain, and started having seizures. Michael has come a long way since then, but Loughlin said some people aren't as lucky.

That's why she was happy to hear that Governor Tom Corbett announced that he would be open to making medical marijuana available to children suffering from seizures.

Loughlin agrees that researchers need to learn more about the marijuana-based oil, but she said people should have the right to use medical marijuana if doctors think it could help.

Governor Corbett said his office is still writing the bill that would allow for marijuana research at children's hospitals in Pittsburgh and Hershey.

His administration is also trying to figure out how many children would be eligible to receive the treatments.

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