Classrooms for the Future

"We're preparing students to compete and succeed with the skills and knowledge required in the 21st century." Governor Rendell

Classrooms For The Future

Classrooms for the Future is an integral part of Governor Rendell's high school reform agenda designed to modernize teaching and learning in Pennsylvania by giving teachers and students access to the latest technology. Classrooms for the Future will make every high school English, math, science and social studies classroom in Pennsylvania a "smart" classroom, providing laptop computers, high-speed internet access and state-of-the-art software for every teacher and student.

Building on Success:

2007-08 will be year two of this three-year initiative. By 2009, every high school will be part of Classrooms for the Future.

Governor Rendell's 2007-08 budget delivers on that promise by expanding Classrooms for the Future to $90 million for equipment to reach 254 more high schools across the commonwealth with 83,000 laptop computers. An $11 million investment will provide high quality professional development to 12,100 teachers in new Classrooms for the Future high schools.

Classrooms for the Future Characteristics:

• A laptop computer for every student and teacher.

• Intensive professional development for teachers to harness the power of technology to bring subject matter to life, engage students and ultimately raise student achievement.

• Methods for inspiring students and engaging them to direct their own learning in projectbased learning.

• Smart classrooms with electronic whiteboard, cameras and scanners.

• A coach assigned to participating schools to work with teachers in their classrooms to effectively change classroom culture with technology.

Early Evidence of Classrooms for the Future Success in the First Year 2006-07:

• 103 schools in 79 districts from all areas of Pennsylvania.

• 1,200 classrooms will be fully equipped with over 16,000 laptops.

• 1,900 teachers will receive intensive training in how to integrate technology in their everyday lessons.

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