Charges Filed in Deadly Pedestrian Crash in Wayne County

By Eric Deabill |, Posted By: Nick Hughes

Published 06/23 2014 06:06PM

Updated 06/23 2014 06:54PM

Cherry Ridge Township, Wayne County-More than a month after a deadly pedestrian crash in Wayne County, state police have charged a man in connection with the case.

Jason Day of Starlight was arraigned Monday morning.

According to troopers, Jason Day left the scene after hitting a teenage boy on Route 191 in northern Wayne County last month.

Day told police he had just left a friend's house and thought he maybe hit "something" but never stopped or even looked in the rearview mirror.

The person Day allegedly hit turned out to be his cousin.

"We all heard what happened when he got hit and that he got killed but after that, there was nothing," Heather Brower of Deposit, NY said. "We just thought maybe he got away with it."

Troopers believe Day was driving a white truck, which is now in evidence, at the state police barracks near Honesdale when he allegedly hit and killed 19-year-old Zachary Possemato of Hancock, NY.

Day allegedly hit Possemato along Route 191 in Buckingham Township on May 16th.

"It was a tragic accident that occurred and at this point, my client has just been arraigned," defense attorney Joe McGraw said. "I just received a copy of the complaint so we're not prepared to make any statements at this time."

Troopers believe the deadly hit-and-run is much more than a tragic accident.

Investigators say Day admitted to drinking at a friend's home shortly before the crash. Day claims to have had 4-16 ounce Busch Light beers but witnesses claim they also saw the suspect drinking Bud Light.

"I think the worst part is that he just took off. I mean and that he was drinking and everything but even a deer or something, don't you check just to make sure or check for damage on the car? How can you just hit something and take off?" Brower questioned.

A young boy was walking with Zachary Possemato at the time he was hit and was able to give police a good description of the truck.

Surveillance pictures were then released to the media before Day ultimately went to state police and said he thought he hit "something."

Day is behind bars tonight on $100,000 bail in Wayne County.

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