Buddy Check: Training With Abby August 28, 2013

Dunmore, Lackawanna County-It's a happy place, tucked away in a quiet attic, hiding some pretty incredible people. They're building muscle, but that's the easy part.

Carol Jaskulski, has been coming here for four years. "When you get a diagnosis of cancer, it makes you feel like this is it." said Jaskulski, a breast cancer survivor.

But Carol soon found out that's not the case. After surgeries and treatments to remove her cancer, she discovered physical fitness. "I started coming to see Abby. She got to know you. You tell her the operation you had and then she starts working with you. And she knows just how far to push you."

That's because Abby Peck has been pushing herself for decades.
After picking up rowing in her 20s she quickly made the U.S. National team, then the 1984 Olympics, then on to the 1988 Olympics.
"I kept thinking somebody was going to come along with one of those hooks and pull me off the stage because...how could I possibly be here?" laughed Peck. Her world class talent led her to coaching, but she needed a tough group of students.

And she found them.

For six years, breast cancer survivors like Jo Ann Adams have been weight training with Abby at this make shift gym at Northeast Radiation Oncology Center in Dunmore. Its walls are lined with pictures and mementos of families and friends of the women who work out here.

In this little oasis, exercise is the best medicine. And there's no quitting for these hard working women, they'll continue to push their bodies and minds, thanks to a little help from their Olympic Trainer.

The grant-funded program is officially called PAISBC (Pays Back) and it's free for participants.

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