Back To School Checklist

Published 08/04 2009 06:45AM

Updated 08/06 2009 11:19AM

There's a lot to get done to get the kids ready to go back to school so here's a checklist of some things to get you started.

Make sure you have filled out any necessary medical forms and scheduled any physicals/exams that need to be done for extracurricular activities as well as eye exams, etc.

Is your child registered for their school? Even if they are just attending the next grade, if it's in a new building you may need to register.

Don't assume that any special info about your child will transfer to a new school, even if it's just moving up a grade but another building. Make sure to have copies of special medical conditions, needed medications and allergies to the new location to be safe.

Let the kids have a little fun and put on a fashion show of the clothes they have so you can decide what no long fits and should be donated and what needs repairing or replacing.

Get a list of what items you need along with any coupons and dates of sales you want to go to and sizes so you can get finished quickly once you brave the busy stores.

If your child will be wearing a school uniform, check with the school and see if they know of a retailer that will have any discounts/sales.

For younger children, make sure their name is on all their items in case they get misplaced or mixed up with another child's belongings.

While your kids are trying on their clothes, make sure you have all the laundry supplies you need as well. Plenty of stain remover and spray wrinkle remover for those mornings you just don't have time to press a favorite must wear shirt that Jimmy/Jenny forgot to mention the night before.

Get your child's/children's list of school supplies.

Find out if your state has a tax free day for back to school items and take advantage of it. Get extra pencils, pens, crayons and other items that can be stashed away for later in the year when they start running out.

Make sure you have your before and after school arrangements made with daycare/babysitters and tutorials.

Are your kids getting old enough to start taking on additional responsibilities? Get them their own alarm clock and set up a chore list of things they can do in the mornings. Things like making their own bed and lunches. Helping with younger siblings when their stuff is done.

Speaking of lunches, make sure you stock up on the individual serving sized fruit cups, juice boxes and sandwich bags so you don't run out unexpectedly and you can take advantage of sales when you find them.

Have you purchased a calendar yet? If not, download the FREE calendar on this website and fill in school holidays, vacation days, extracurricular activities such as cheerleading and soccer practice, etc. so nothing gets overlooked.

Have one place set aside, a basket or file, where kids always leave any school papers for your signature so it's in a centralized place and can be checked daily.

Start having the kids follow their regular school routine, bedtimes, etc. about a week or two ahead of time so the transition back to school will be easier.

Finalize plans on how your child/children will get to and from school. Bus, bicycle, walk. If on bicycle or walking, travel the route a couple of times and point out safe places where the child can go for help should they need it.

Find out if there is a back to school meeting or if you can arrange to tour the school with your child so it will be a more familiar environment the first day. You can also meet the teacher and exchange email addresses, phone numbers, etc. and decide on the best form of communication.

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