Artists Will Cover Empty Lot with Mural


Stroudsburg, Monroe County – A lot has sat empty in Stroudsburg for more than seven years. The building on the 600 block of Main Street burned down in November of 2006. "This lot looks like a post apocalyptic hole in the ground," said artist Shane Izykowski. Artist Sonia Leticia added, "It's sad, a little decrepit, empty, really empty, and plain."

Izykowski, Leticia, and many other artists decided they could make it look a lot better. "So many people have said to me that, you know, we need to do something here and one time walking by I kind of this vision of what it could be,” said Izykowski.

The Sherman Theater’s Living Room Art Committee came up with a plan to paint an mural. "This project is just another way to beautify downtown Stroudsburg and turn it into the art community that I keep hearing that it once was,” explained Izykowski.

Leticia put together a rendering that shows paintings of 18 Stroudsburg store fronts."It's definitely going to make it bright. It's gonna be eye catching,” said Leticia.

Main Street Juke Box owner Tom Lefevre is looking forward to the change. He said, "It's gonna be a real pleasure not to look out and see a big empty hole, to see beautiful artwork. It will be really good for the town."

The mural will include 18 panels by various artists. They will start their work individually and then complete it during a community painting event on May 24th.

The official list of businesses and artist participating in the project will be released at the Sherman Theater’s Living Room 2 year anniversary. That’s May 3rd from 6 p.m.- 10 p.m.

The artists would like to thank the Sherman Theater, Lowes, Sherwin Williams, Home Depot, American Ribbon, Miller's Paints and Wallpaper, Shoprite of Stroudsburg,  and Cramer's for making this project possible



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