95th PGA iPhone App

By Ashley Zilka

Published 07/26 2013 01:21PM

Updated 07/26 2013 05:53PM

        Whether you are home, on the road, or at oak hill country club--the pga championship iphone app gives you access to the game 24/7.
The app allows you to see everything in real time.
There's live video of every shot of the day's marquee group.
"You can watch golf or watch a group of golf some place other than the golf course and be some place else watching another group which is kinda cool and from a standpoint, live scoring so if you happen to be in one portion of the golf course, you still know what's going on, maybe you can go to that other hole and start seeing somebody who has a hot round going," says Jeff Corcoran, Manager of Course and Grounds at Oak Hill Country Club.
"What's even better..Craig Harmon gives you a detailed description of each hole at oak hill country club. It's a behind the scenes look that most people don't get," says Corcoran.
"A little preview. Maybe they are going to look at this and see a hole  that kind of strikes their fancy, head out and start watchng golf at that particular hole." 
You can also set personalized alerts--for your favorite players and breaking news.
And then of course, there is the leaderboard.
All you have to do is search for "PGA Championship" in the app store to get it.
Right now--it's only available for iphone customers.

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