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- Avoid putting wet hair into a pony tail. Your hair will expand as it dries and the elastic can cause breakage.

When looking for the perfect highlight color for your hair, sometimes the small flecks of color in your eyes are the best shade for you.

If your hair color is warm or red, use cool water to wash and rinse hair to avoid color fading.

If you want to add highlights, but don't want the maintenance, have your stylist put them underneath your part line to avoid the grown out look.

Tired of your Ombre? Update it by adding some lowlights to soften the look.

For a beach wavy look, towel dry hair, add a gel or creme product with moderate hold and twist your hair into 6-8 long sections around your head. continue to twist them as they air dry or blow dry them.

To style a bob, use a natural bristle brush to style your hair around your head shape. Push hair to one side and then to the other. hair should fall into a beautiful rounded bob when finished.

For subtle changes and to avoid root lines, consider getting your hair professionally colored with a semi or demi permanent line. as it grows out, your roots will be diffused.

If your long bangs tend to hang in your eyes, try round brushing them back away from you face to give them a soft, swept back look.

For maximum volume, roll and clip up sections of hair after blow drying them. spray them with a medium hold hairspray and then pull out the pins once the hair has cooled.

if your hair is curly and dry, try not to wash it every day, instead use a leave-in conditioning mist to activate the curl. lightly mist product into hair and re scrunch or twist to style.

For gorgeous, natural looking hair color, have your stylist deepen the roots and slightly lighten the front hairline and ends of your hair to give a sun kissed look

If you are suffering from dry winter hair, Apply a conditioning mask. wrap in a towel, and leave it overnight.

If you are trying to grow your hair long, remember, hair weakens and splits with time. Get regular trims to seal the ends and keep your hair growing and looking it's best.

To get volume when blow drying your hair, dry the roots first by lifting them in an upward motion and let cool.

To achieve the perfect manicure, always use a base, nail color and then a top coat for a long lasting nail color.

If you are looking for a natural blemish remedy, use apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply to the affected area.

If you a suffering from a bad hair day, put your hair into a high pony tail or bun. wrap a head scarf around your head covering your ears for a fashionable and warm look this winter

To dress up an updo, thread pearl beads onto a few hairpins and tuck them into your style.  

Clean your curling iron regularly to ensure peak performance. Once the iron has cooled, simply use alcohol on a cloth to wipe clean.

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