'Pink Glove Dance' video gives cancer patients a lift


Danville, Montour County - A tremendous effort by the energetic staff of Geisinger Medical Center, is giving cancer patients a lift on the road to recovery.

In November, Eyewitness News showed you Geisinger's inspirational "Pink Glove Dance" video showing staff and patients dancing for themselves and their loved ones who battled the disease. The video won $25,000 dollars in a national competition. That money went to the American Cancer Society, funding a program that gives cancer patients a ride to treatment.

"Many for patients rely on family and friends, church groups to assist them with getting to and from and when they don't have those support systems they have to face asking family to take days of work," said Shelly Walter, a Nurse Navigator at Geisinger Medical Center.

They are patients like Carl Slack of Trevorton. He's spent the last ten years battling cancer, which began in his pancreas and spread. He credits his children with encouraging him to see a doctor. "If my two daughters wouldn't have bugged me...you wouldn't be talking to me today."

He receives chemotherapy weekly. We met him as he and his wife caught a ride with American Cancer Society volunteer driver Rick Fisher.

Carl had to stop driving due to medical complications, and his family's concern. "They grounded me," he joked. Carl is thankful for the help, and good conversation from Rick. "I sit up front and gab all the way to the hospital. He plays all of the old records and stuff."

By the time they get to the hospital, and Carl heads in to his appointment, he feels relaxed and brave to take on another day.

And this is your reminder to call your buddy....to remind him or her to do a breast self exam. It's a call that could save a life.

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