Buddy Check: Teen helps cancer patients get treatment

Kingston, Luzerne County - Young minds can have pretty big ideas in the face of tragedy. "My mom got breast cancer so I just decided I wanted to help other people with the same disease," said Cole Winters, 12, of Kingston. So he went to work, in honor of his mom Colleen, who just this month, finished chemotherapy treatments.

She is obviously very proud of him. "He came to us during Monday Night Football...I'd just been diagnosed , it was October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They were wearing shirts and he said, 'I'm going to design something. I want to come up with shirts and maybe they'll wear my shirts.'"

With the help of his family, Cole designed a t-shirt. Proceeds will go to the non-profit "Prescription Fund" at Medical Oncology Associates in Kingston, where his mom received care.

"After my mom started coming here she told me stories about people who couldn't actually afford all of the medications. I realized that was not good and I wanted to help," said Cole.

The fund provides treatment items for cancer patients that insurance won't cover: medicine, wigs, even car rides to appointments - no questions asked. It's been around for 20 years and thanks to donations from people like Cole, it's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for people in need.

"I think that the fact that Cole is doing this for his mom is amazing," said Carol Greenwald, counselor at Medical Oncology Associates. She helps families dealing with this destructive disease. "Taking on this as his project just shows you how you can take something that is such a shock in many ways such a bad thing...How do you take that and make it positive?"

Cole figured it out. His venture is part of a project for his upcoming bar mitzvah later this summer, but he doesn't plan on stopping sales. "We should always be raising money for it. There shouldn't be an end to it," he said.

Cole and his family hope to raise $2,000 to help cancer patients. If you'd like to buy a t-shirt or donate to the Prescription Fund email cancervivefund@gmail.com 

And this is your reminder to call your buddy and remind her.. or him.. to do a breast self-exam. It's a call that could save a life.

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