Buddy Check May 2012: A "Pixel Perfect" Outlook

Scranton, Lackawanna County -- For Sandi Korshnak, capturing memories is a way of life. But what was captured on her first-ever mammogram changed hers.

Sandi was getting blood work done for a thyroid condition, when the physician's assistant said she'd schedule Sandi's first-ever mammogram for her, since she turned 40 years old last year. Sandi went for the mammogram in February.

"The first picture they took, I saw it was a big white blob with feathery edges, and you could see the veins running through it," Sandi said. "And I knew what it was as soon as I saw it.

After a biopsy and PET scan, doctors determined her breast cancer had reached a couple lymph nodes. They diagnosed her with stage three triple negative breast cancer -- meaning it was spreading, and her cancer wouldn't respond to hormonal treatment.

Doctors recommended a lumpectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation. Despite dealing with the effects of chemo, Sandi still heads to work at Your Pixel Perfect, where she's a professional photographer. They focus on doing charity events to raise money for local organizations that help people with cancer.

She tries her best to keep a positive attitude and encourages others diagnosed with cancer to not get overwhelmed after hearing the news.

"Once you have a plan in place -- surgery, chemotherapy, radiation -- once you know, you're in control," Sandi said.

And she's in control to make sure her future is picture perfect.

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