Buddy Check March 2010: The Pink Pedal

POTTSVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY -- Ty Bereskie and Nick Gober know breast cancer affects millions, including their families and friends.

"My mom's best friend died of breast cancer when she was 23, and it was horrible to hear about it," said Ty from Ashland. "Anything we can do to prevent that from happening to another woman would be absolutely amazing."

That's why Ty and Nick, and their friends -- Travis Brown of Ashland and John Anczarski of Ringtown -- decided to cycle cross-country this summer.  They're raising awareness and money for breast cancer research.  They're calling their trek "The Pink Pedal." 

"It's about 3100 miles, might be a little more if we change our routes, but we're thinking about 30-40 days," said Nick, also of Ashland.

They're stopping in towns big and small on their way to the west coast, and interviewing cancer patients and survivors.

"For all the people we meet along the way, I hope we really understand this disease more and how it affects people," said Ty.

They're going to be video-blogging along the way.  In the end, they hope to produce a documentary they can share with the word and collect donations for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

"Some of us have been affected directly with family members, and we've all known people who've had it, and we can certainly empathize with their situations," said Nick.

While other college students will spend this summer partying, these guys will be making a difference.

"I think our goal is to raise money for breast cancer first and foremost, but also to enjoy it," said Ty. "We really want to have a great time."

To follow their trek or made a donation, copy and paste the following in your web browser: http://thepinkpedal.wordpress.com/

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