Buddy Check June 2010: Beth Miner's Story

Published 06/28 2010 10:32AM

Updated 12/28 2010 12:59PM

FORTY FORT, LUZERNE COUNTY -- Beth Miner is standing strong, nearly three years after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer.  She recalls hearing the news. 

"You'd like to pound a wall, the anger," Beth said. "And you're just in total shock."

Even more shocking - Beth's niece, Karen Curtis, was diagnosed with breast cancer just months before her.  They were able to help each other along, until Karen lost her hard-fought battle in 2008.

"I always wonder 'why,' you know, why I survived and she didn't," said Beth.

Perhaps to be a grandmother to Bridget Gabriel, among others.  Bridget helped her grandmother through her battle, and easily describes how she feels about her being cancer-free.

"Really excited," said Bridget, who loves just hanging out with her grandmother, watching TV, and playing games.

They're even exercise buddies.  They go to Candy's Place in Forty Fort.  Twice a week, these exercise classes titled "Standing Strong" bring many women together.

"We hoot and holler and laugh," smiled Beth. "And I think we get some exercise in, too."

"It brings laughter, number one, it gets them out, not to be isolated," said Penny Cunningham, founder of Candy's Place. "It lets them have fun, but it also gets them moving."

Every time Beth goes to Candy's Place, she kisses the plaque she had put on the wall of "The Giving Tree," where you can honor people and celebrate life.  It reminds Beth that after a mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, her niece is with her every day, helping her stand strong.

Candy's Place, also known as the Center for Cancer Wellness, offers many services, including support groups and exercise classes.  If you'd like to learn more, just copy and paste the following into your web browser: http://www.cancerwellnessnepa.org/

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