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Published 07/27 2012 06:51PM

Updated 07/27 2012 07:55PM

Barbara Bowman of Mountaintop is all smiles, as she walks the runway at the third annual fashion show to benefit Candy's Place.
   The mother of two was diagnosed with stage 3-a breast cancer this past October.

  "It's been hard on the family throughout the whole process, and we're coming along". said Barbara Bowman.

   The toughest news -- finding out she and her one daughter tested positive for the brca-1 gene.
   That greatly increases a woman's chances of having breast and ovarian cancer.

 "Had I known earlier, that would've changed my entire course. I'm hoping even though I have cancer, cancer will end with me, even though the gene continues with her".  said Bowman

   She counts on Candy's Place -- the Cancer Wellness Center in Forty Fort that provides free services for cancer patients.

  " Honestly,  I went there as soon as I was diagnosed. That was the first place I stopped at. I went in, in tears. And everyone there has helped me" notes Bowman

    Candice Ismirle, a Monroe County native, also modeled in Sunday's fashion show.
   She's one of Kyla's  best friends -- and this was her first opportunity to see what Candy's Place offers those battling cancer.

  "I think it's amazing to have a place where all cancers are in the same group. And it doesn't matter how old you are or if you're a male or a female, you're all brought together. And you all have the same concerns, the same problems, and i think it's heartwarming.  said Candice Ismirle:41

   Dozens of cancer fighters, survivors, and their supporters -- watched as the fashionistas took the stage... Including Lorraine Cwalina of Swoyersville.
   She was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and the brca-1 gene -- meaning she had an aggressive form of the disease.
   Doctors removed lumps in both breasts and took out lymph nodes -- and one year later -- she's doing great.

 , "We got through it. I have great support from my family." said Lorraine Cwalina "I do everything. I eat well. I'm at candy's place, and I get a lot of good support there." 

   Candy's Place was started in memory of Penny Cunningham's sister, who died from cancer 14 years ago.

 "She's probably thinking, "Oh, my God, what did you do?"  But I am so happy for the patients that they have something to assist them." said Penny Cunningham, Founder of Candy's Place.


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