Buddy Check: August 28 Cathy's Story

 Kingston, Luzerne County- For Cathy Reppert, her budding business is a family affair.
   She owns "Truly Scrumptious" in Kingston.
  Her husband, Dave, is an engineer by trade  and he takes care of the "structural integrity" of unique cakes.
   Her 17-year-old daughter, Caroline, works at the shop during the summer.
   But this family was stopped in their tracks in March of 20-10, when Cathy was diagnosed with breast cancer.

"We were just going through the motions. After I went to the breast surgeon, it started to settle in. And then when I had to call my parents, it really set in." Said Cathy Reppert, Breast Cancer Suvivor

 "We couldn't just stop and freeze. We had to keep going. You know, how do we solve the problem?" added Caroline Reppert, Cathy's Daughter.

"Quite honestly, I always felt it was something we'd get resolved, and we'd move on." said Cathy's husband, Dave.

   Facing cancer wasn't new for this family.
   Cathy was treated for thryoid cancer in the late '90s.
   So being aggressive with breast cancer was key.
   She went forward with a bi-lateral mastectomy.

"The decisions she made, we made together, were ones that we said, we don't want to have to come back and deal with this thing again." said Dave Reppert

   Their store was in the middle of getting renovated when doctors diagnosed Cathy.

  "When I  was diagnosed, I was determined to not just survive. I wanted to thrive. I wanted to get back into my business." said Cathy.

   And she wasted little time.

 "Both the plastic surgeon and the breast surgeon said the most important thing is for you to get back in your kitchen as soon as possible. So within 2 1/2 weeks, I couldn't do anything, but I was still in the kitchen bossing everyone around ." said Cathy

   And support came from all directions.
"It wasn't just the three of us. The whole community, our friends, our family, we received support from the most unlikely of places." said Caroline Reppert.

Cathy told us "It made me realize that life is so fleeting. It made me appreciate my family so much more."
   And Cathy is so grateful her story has a truly sweet ending.

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