Buddy Check April 2011: Candice's Survival Story

Published 04/28 2011 11:43AM

Updated 05/05 2011 12:05PM

Washington, D.C. -- Candice Adams was just 29 years old when she felt a lump in her breast while visiting her fiance, who was serving overseas in Europe.  On October 25, 2010, the Brodheadsville native and Wilkes University graduate learned she had breast cancer.

Since then, it's been months of chemotherapy, feeling sick, and losing hair.  But Candice wanted to celebrate the end of chemotherapy with a party at her place.  And I was there to celebrate with one of my best friends.

We know every good party has a toast.  And at this party, Candice toasted her family, her friends, and her fiance.


She remembers calling him with the news.  ?He said, ?You know what, babe, we're going to get through it.? He said, ?I?m going to love you, even if you're bald and don't have boobs,'" Candice laughed.  ?And I said, ?Okay, because that?s going to happen.??


And they were both right.  My very bald best friend is beating breast cancer, one day at a time.  And she threw this party to celebrate the end of chemotherapy.


?There are milestones through this journey, and I think when something is over, you have to shut that door, close it, and go beyond it,? she said.  ?And be proud of yourself that you got through such a great accomplishment.?


She had two ?battle buddies? throughout her journey.  April Greene spotted Candice at a wig store months ago.  A simple conversation turned into a lasting friendship.


?We were able to kind of lift each other up,? April said.  ?When I was feeling down and pretty crappy, Candice was my cheerleader.?


And Barbara Inch had the same therapy schedule as Candice at Walter Reed Army Medical Center -- "Chemo Tuesdays."


?I thank god that Candice was put here with me to go through this, to have a battle buddy like no other,? said Barbara. ?She's just been amazing.?


These bald beauties and battle buddies got to celebrate at a party Candice?s fianc? said was months in the making.  They just wanted to say "thanks."


?We wanted to bring all the family and all the friends together,? said Ryan Ismirle, ?because there were so many people that were integral to get through this.?


But there?s more to get through.  The cancer still lingers, and Candice is having a bi-lateral mastectomy next week.


?Surgery is such a bittersweet type of thing,? she said.  ?I have to make sure I continually tell myself when I wake up, when I open my eyes, it's going to be the first time I don't have cancer.?


?I gave her the football analogy, and she's been juking and jiving to the finish line,? Ryan said.  ?We're at the point now where you just put your head down and bust through the goal line. And I think that's what we have to do.  Touchdown, now let's move on with life.?


Part of moving on with life is planning their wedding, which is set for next spring.  Candice celebrated her 30th birthday last week and plans on doing the Susan G. Komen 3-Day 60-mile walk in D.C. this fall.  Both Candice and Ryan serve in the U.S. Air Force.

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