The Second Annual Lackawanna County Reentry Symposium

The Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force, a group of local agencies dedicated to helping those re-entering society from the Lackawanna County Prison System, will conduct its second annual Lackawanna County Reentry Symposium on Tuesday,  April 1, in Brennan Hall, fifth floor, Rose Room, at the University of Scranton, 320 Madison Avenue, Scranton.

The four-hour symposium will focus on changes the newly formed Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force, Lackawanna County Prison, and local non-profits are initiating to help reduce recidivism in our County. 
The Reentry Symposium will feature keynote addresses from Dr. Harry Dammer and Dr. Michael Jenkins of the University of Scranton faculty on County trends, issues with reentry and how systems need to change.  Mr. John Wetzel, Secretary Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, will discuss what the state is doing to support reentry efforts.  Honorable Judge Vito Geroulo and Honorable Judge Michael Barrasse will discuss the court system and how county reentry efforts are influencing change.

Presentations will also be provided by former offenders who will elaborate on the struggles and obstacles incarcerated individuals face when they are re-entering society.  
“This is a great opportunity for professionals and the general public to hear about the positive changes we are making in our system”, said Lackawanna County Prison Warden Robert McMillan. “Local agencies worked diligently for over a year in developing a strategic plan that will benefit both those individuals re-entering society and our local community.” 

In 2012, the Lackawanna County Prison in conjunction with area non-profits and law enforcement agencies joined together to form the Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force.  The Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force is made up of representatives who are committed to helping those in the prison system to return to society by providing them with individualized resource plans that will help ensure a successful transition.   

The mission of the Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force is to successfully reintegrate recently incarcerated citizens back to the community.  The Task Force’s comprehensive and customized approach to reintegration includes pre-release assessment, systematic identification of needs and linkage to services.  A strong and diversified network of community and professional partnerships establishes a framework to bolster public safety, break the cycle of recidivism, and enhance lives, families and society.

The Lackawanna County Reentry Task Force will launch the newly created five-year strategic plan for the County as well as introduce the newly designed Reentry Task Force website. The symposium is a testament to the group’s work to help those re-entering society become more easily integrated in all aspects of their lives – family, careers, physical well-being, emotional health and more.

The Lackawanna Reentry Symposium is free and open to the public.  Seating is limited, and participants are encouraged to register. 
To register for the Lackawanna County Reentry Symposium contact Jane Augustine at 570-558-7571 or email

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