Madness and Brackets at Wallenpaupack Area Middle School

The “Madness” has arrived at Wallenpaupack Area Middle School. In conjunction with the popular March Madness brackets that sweep our nation, eighth grade history teacher, Tina Scatton, has recreated the “Madness” to meet social studies’ educational standards and common core. Ms. Scatton wanted to take advantage of student interest in the tournament by bringing this popular activity into the classroom and making it relevant to history and learning.

Students are filling out their brackets now before the Sweet Sixteen arrives. On this creative twist of the typical NCAA brackets, where one decides which teams advance using careful observations of teams’ performance and statistics, Ms. Scatton’s students will be deciding which “Revolutionary War figure” will advance based on their “statistics”.

Students will learn and explore sixteen Revolutionary figures. Based on their own understanding and observation of each figure, students will decide who made the most important contribution to the Revolutionary War.  They will decide who is the most significant player, “the champion”, and fill out their brackets. The winner of March Madness will receive a prize.

 Ms. Scatton thought this creative activity would lighten the mood and increase student morale during the high-stakes PSSA testing.  Ms. Scatton, with the help of her student teacher, Christina Zubrickas, thought this would be an innovative teaching tool since March Madness is so deeply ingrained in modern culture.  Good luck WAMS eight
h grade students on filling out your brackets!

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