In the Garden: May 29, 2014

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 06/04 2014 04:03PM

Updated 06/04 2014 04:06PM

Josh: We’re back in the garden with the green house project but actually this time around we are in the garden. Jane Recci this is your plot, low-till gardening tell me all about it.

Jane: Well its less work which is why I like it. Less weeding less watering less work.

Josh:  What is involved here?

Jane:  We basically, if you can start your bed with tilling it well in the very beginning once. turn it over 10-12 inches deep get the weeds and the rocks out. after that cover it with a mulch.

Josh: What do you consider to be mulch?
Jane: Well mulch is something that will be natural and decay back into the soil, add to the soil and it covers it. In this case we are using leaves and I cover my garden with 3-5 inches of leaves

Josh: That much?

Jane: Yes

Josh: Ok now, you also have a bag of straw over here, so what are we doing with this? 

Jane: Yes and that is straw not hay, hay has seeds in it so straw has no seed, ok? You can also cover your garden with that, this is another option you can pick up at a nursery store, Lowes, Home Depot.  That kind of place.

Josh: One, both, one or the other?

Jane: I prefer leaves. this is a little easier on the soil and it decomposes quicker the worms love it.

Josh: OK, let’s talk about those worms. Let’s talk about that soil. This has a lot of benefits here.

Jane: Yes it does, it has great benefits as you can see there are no weeds.  First of all so when you move your 3-5 inches there are no weeds. and it creates a healthier soil, your soil is moist It’s friable it has worms, microbes you know, it is a very healthy living soil which is what you want.

Josh:  Alright, lets put something in there to see how easy it is.

Jane:  OK couldn’t be simpler, which is why I like this, less work. You pull out your plant,  put it in, close it back up and you cover it back over with leaves. and now there is no weeding throughout the year. This couldn’t be simpler.

Josh: No weeding?

Jane: None. Very little, little to none 3-5 inches blocks the sun so the weeds can’t grow.

Josh: This would be why it is called ‘low-till gardening’

Jane:  that’s right low-till, you don’t disturb the soil very much.

Josh: Alright Jane, thank you so much. And we are going to wrap it up here for this week’s in the garden with the green house project, now we’ll send it back to you.

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