In The Garden: June 5, 2014

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 06/04 2014 03:58PM

Updated 07/11 2014 12:52PM

In The Garden
In The Garden
Josh: We’re literally In The Garden with The Green House Project this week as always Jane Recci is here. Jane, thriller, filler and spiller. I'm almost a poet don’t even know it, tell me what this is all about.
Jane: It makes it sound fun doesn’t it? It’s how to design a container garden for your porch or your deck.

Josh: Let’s start with the showpiece the thriller.

Jane: That’s right, right here standing next to each other we have a showpiece that you want to choose first for your container. Something that is the center or the back depending on where you are putting your container.  And it wants to be a tall featured piece.

Josh: Anything in particular,  any type of plant that you want to aim for?

Jane: Ah basically its up to you, if your pot is growing in the sun you want a sun loving plant. In the shade a shade loving plant ok? This is a spike, this is a wild grass and this is a coleus.

Josh:  Alright, now lets move on to the filler. What are fillers?

Jane: The filler is where you fill around in around the edge, these stay in the pot. They can be flowering or they can be foliage.

Josh: What kind of plants?

Jane: Umm, basically, again depending on sun or shade loving you can pick any kind of things, petunias, dianthus.

Josh: Alright then we have the spiller. Spiller is kind of important too.

Jane: Spiller is beautiful. This is the thing that will come out and hang over the front of your plant  and that would be over here. You have sweet potato vine, you have ivy,  we have vinca vine, and ivy and there’s all kinds. But just choose plants that are appropriate for that climate and that sunlight. 

Josh: OK Jane, we've talked about this several times already sun versus the shade. We really do need to know the difference you can’t play around here.

Jane:  No or your flowers will die. So you want to know, you want to choose the right plant by the tag look it up online you also want to choose plants that require the same amount of water. So some plants love a lot of water and some can live without.

Josh: Alright Jane, little bit of research goes clearly a long way. For this week’s in the garden with the green house project. I’m Josh Hodell now back to you guys.

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