In the Garden: July 17, 2014

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 07/17 2014 12:40PM

Updated 07/17 2014 12:48PM

Pests can cause big problems when your trying to grow vegetable plants.

 Josh Hodell caught up with a Penn State expert to learn what we should be looking for in the garden.

(Josh)We are back for this weeks in the garden with the greenhouse project. Joining me is John Esslinger. John, the garden is fun, but this week we are talking about problems, pest problems.

(John) Powdery mildew is a disease that comes from the air, and it starts on the leaves. And the first place you will see it is on your zucchini.later on on pumpkins, and winter squash. But they are starting to see it now.

(Josh) What do we do to get this off if we see it.

(John) One really good effective way to kinda hold it back. Is to just overhead water. Normally we say don't wet the leaves, but when you have powdery mildew, just washing it off with a hose, does help hold it under control.

(Josh) Now squash, some squash bugs. Bugs and their eggs. So we have a big problem here.

(John) Yeah. Squash bugs are common on zucchinis, and they will get on other vine crops like pumpkins and winter squash. If you can catch them when their just hatched. They are in a cluster. And you can easily remove them that way.

(Josh) In a particularly way. Just use your hand and brush them off. What do you do.

(john) Using your hand is fine, but you have to be fast because they will start to scatter on you, once you start to catch them.

(Josh) Here we are with a tomato plant, the leaves are yellow i see spots all over. John, this doesn't look right to me. What is going on here.

(john) That is Septoria leaf spot, a disease, on the lower leaves first. You can tell you have it, it has a little gray center to every spot. Septoria leaf spot will move from leaf to leaf. If you have it really bad on the older leaves, you can remove those.

(Josh) So basically the solution to this problem, take the leaf off.

(John) That is one solution. Fungicides are very effective against it.i do want to mention we are starting to see late blight. So people want to start watching for that. And that is a terrible disease. Kills plants very quickly. Late blight is a blotch. It will be more toward the top of the plant because it falls out of the air. If you look in the morning, you will actually see some white fuzz, growing on the underside. And that is spores that it is generating to spread.

(Josh) Get it out of the garden.

(John) The garden as quick as.


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