Community Projects Funded In Lackawanna County

Three additional projects were approved for funding by the Lackawanna County Commissioners today (February 12) through the Community Re-Invest Program that focused on safeguarding both the environment and historic artifacts. 
The funding for the three projects totals $21,143.  To date, the Commissioners have approved financing for 26 projects totaling $378,342.  The revenue for these Community Re-Invest projects is included in the County’s 2013 Community and Economic Development budget. 
“All three of these projects add significant quality of life improvements to their neighborhoods or organizations,” said Commissioner Jim Wansacz.  “From connecting Dalton to Clarks Summit with a trail, to protecting our history and encouraging recycling in Madisonville, residents in Lackawanna County will see value immediately.”   
“The Community Re-Invest Program is designed to bring neighborhood and civic projects to successful fruition,” said Commissioner Corey D. O’Brien.  “Several of the projects have been ongoing for many years and now with this program’s assistance they will be completed for everyone to enjoy.”
“Once again, we are giving back to our communities.  We are committed to supporting innovative projects that will provide new growth and educational opportunities for the County,” noted Commissioner Patrick M. O’Malley. 
The Commissioners are firmly committed to strengthening the County’s quality of life and economy.  To that end, they have earmarked $500,000 in their 2014 Economic Development budget for the Community Re-Invest Program, which will foster additional high impact growth. 
  • The projects that were approved along with a brief description follow: 
  • Applicant: Madison Township
  • Project Description: This project involves the purchase of 150 14-gallon recycling containers. The township has a successful recycling program that continues to grow annually. However, DEP stopped funding recycling containers and the township has depleted its supply. The township receives numerous requests for containers from new residents but has been unable to purchase an additional supply.
  • Total Project Cost: $1,943
  • Amount Requested from CRP Program: $1,943
  • Applicant: Lackawanna Historical Society
  • Project Description: This project involves the purchase of a new furnace to replace the current one, which has failed. Loss of heat has caused an immediate risk of causing damage to the historical collections that are stored in the building and has prevented daily operations.
  • Total Project Cost: $3,200
  • Amount Requested from CRP Program: $3,200
  • Applicant: Countryside Conservancy
  • Project Description: This project involves the construction of boardwalk across a wetland area near the Dalton/Glenburn border that will link the Trolley Trail to S. Turnpike Road in Dalton, providing access to the trail from Dalton. It will also serve as the first stage of a longer trail that will one day reach Lake Winola.
  • Total Project Cost: $25,000
  • Amount Requested from CRP Program: $16,000 
  • According to George Kelly, the County’s Economic Development Director, projects will continue to be reviewed and funded throughout 2014.  Boroughs, municipalities, townships and nonprofit entities are encouraged to submit applications for projects that are ready to start so that the Community Re-Invest Program can help to successfully complete them. 

(From Joseph A. D'Arienzo
Lackawanna County Communications Director)

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