College 101 -

College 101

Types of Colleges: The Basics

Colleges offer various programs to serve students with different needs and goals. Learning about the types of colleges will help you find the best choices for you.

Quick Guide: Your College Degree Options

Colleges offer various types of degrees. And the type of degree you earn may depend on what you want to do after college. Learn about your options.

For Veterans: How to Find a College That’s Right for You

There are almost 4,000 colleges for you to choose from. Find ones that have the resources you need to help you achieve your goals.

5 Steps to Creating a College List

Knowing your interests and goals can actually help you find colleges that fit you. Find out how to come up with a list of colleges best suited for you.

Tips on Transferring from a 2-Year to a 4-Year College

Did you know you can start working toward your four-year degree at a two-year college? Transfer programs make your move between colleges easy.

College Application -

College Application

What's in a college application?

It takes more than a form to apply to college. Get tips on how to put the parts together in this anatomy of an application.

View Quick Guide: The Anatomy of the College Application.

Other Topics:

Start a Plan -

Start A Plan

What is a plan?

A plan is a road map that:

Guides you through school to college

Advises you on what to do when

Tracks your progress

Parent Action Plans

Advice for parents on helping their kids plan for college every step of the way:

12th Grade

11th Grade

10th Grade

9th Grade

Middle School

College Calculators -

College Calculators

Cost of College Calculator
Estimate the cost of a college education.

College Savings Calculator
Find out how much you need to save every month so that you are financially prepared for college.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) Calculator
Get a ballpark estimate of your expected family contribution (EFC), an important factor in determining federal financial aid.

Financial Aid Award Evaluator
Compare financial aid award packages from various schools side by side.

Loan Repayment Calculator
Determine the monthly payments needed to pay off your student loans.

Borrower Benefits Calculator
Estimate how much you can save by taking advantage of a bank's borrower benefit programs.

Loan Consolidation Calculator
Find out how consolidating your loans may impact your repayment terms.

Value of College Calculator
Get a sense for how valuable a college education really is by comparing earnings with and without a college degree.

College Expense Worksheet
Develop a budget of all your college living expenses.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculator
Run through various scenarios to find out the impact on your GPA.

Debt-to-Income Calculator
Find out whether your student loan debt will be manageable when you graduate.

Loan Capitalization Calculator
Understand how capitalizing interest (that means not paying interest) while in school can increase the cost of your student loan.

College Loan Prepayment Calculator
Learn more about the financial implications of prepaying your student loans.