Carbon-Tamaqua American Cancer Society Telethon Set for April

On Monday, Carbon-Tamaqua American Cancer Society Telethon chair Joe Krushinsky announced details of this telethon which will be held on April 5th and 6th at Penn’s Peak

    The 2014 Daffodil Campaign to Fight Cancer is now officially launched noted Joseph Krushinsky, Telethon Chairperson.  Krushinsky adds:  “Our campaign motto is The Flower of Spring Brings a Season of Hope, because when all the proceeds from daffodil sales go to the American Cancer Society, it really does create hope for families because ACS is leading the way in ending death and suffering due to cancer.” 

Last year, it was announced that the American Cancer Society was discontinuing their Daffodil Days across America.  That was not such a big deal in some parts of the country.  However, it was definitely a sad note for volunteers and daffodil fans in our area.
Unbelievably, just about half of all the money that the American Cancer Society raised through daffodils last year, was raised right here in Pennsylvania. 

So, local volunteers and sponsors said, “Why mess with Success?!”  The team decided to keep a daffodil sales campaign in place here at home. 

Many familiar names and faces are involved for the 2014 daffodil campaign. 
· Micah Gursky from St. Luke’s Miner’s Memorial University, and Kim Bell from Blue Ridge Communications TV 13 have agreed to serve as honorary co-chairs.
· Cary Sinclair is the Sponsorship and Sales Coordinator. She has been involved with daffodils for decades. 
· Alicia Silliman and Sharon Oravek are coordinating sales efforts at Blue Mountain Health System and St. Luke’s respectively, as they have done for years.
· To keep the Tradition going: 
o Lisa Johnson, Vice President of Blue Mountain Health Systems noted that the health system is once again on board as a major sponsor of the daffodil campaign. 

o They are joined by BTM of Jim Thorpe and the daffodil team is grateful to Nancy Beers who has stepped up in a very big way to support the campaign.

o And more sponsors are signing on every day. 

· Lisa Hiles from Hiles Brothers and her crew are leading up flower distribution. 

· Bob Stevenson of Jim Thorpe, a past daffodil chair is serving as advisor for the newly formed but seasoned team. 

Overall, Krushinsky noted, “We have an experienced team offering hope once again in a special way through the campaign.  We will not skip a beat”
The team is working with a local supplier for the Daffodil Campaign.  Previously, daffodils for the entire country came from Washington State.  This year, the daffodils are coming from Van Hoekelen Greenhouses of McAdoo & Kline Township, the largest bulb grower in the Northeast US.  They have the right number of bulbs scheduled for production right here in our area, and the daffodils will be delivered in pots and cut bunches just in time for the official daffodil week March 25-30.

 The team is proud to build the 2014 daffodil campaign on the strength and cooperation of a local business.  We are grateful to the van Hoekelens and Larry Huff of McAdoo stated Krushinsky. 
New this year, daffodils can be ordered online through the entire month of February and into early March through the local website  There is no need to wait for a mailer or a volunteer to approach you at work. 

Another innovation is that “virtual daffodils” can be purchased on line in honor or in memory of friends and loved ones, and a notice of kind gesture can be emailed to recipients or others designated.  It is a great opportunity to send daffodil greetings anywhere in America with a modest contribution and a few clicks. 

Finally, this year’s Daffodil Campaign fundraising total will be announced on BRC TV 13 and Service Electric television during the 35th Annual American Cancer Society Telethon being televised live from Penn’s Peak on April 5-6, 2014. 

Krushinsky best sums it up by saying, “We are proud and excited about the blending of the Daffodil and Telethon Committees this year.  We would love to have new volunteers and sales coordinators and sponsors on our team starting today.”  Anyone interested in getting involved in any small or large way, should call Cary at (570) 669-7017 or email

The American Cancer Society Telethon office is located at 33 W Ridge St., Lansford and is open Mondays from 10AM-3PM

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