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Survivor Casting Call


Survivor Casting Call

Where: Convention Center, Mohegan Sun At Pocono Downs
When: Monday, November 17
Times: 11AM-3PM

No Application Needed

Download Forms

- Survivor Eligibility Requirements (37 KB)

- Survivor Video and Release Waiver (28 KB)

Have Questions?

Please contact us here at WBRE, WYOU and PAHomepage.com. Call Mark Prutisto at 570-706-7442 or email at MPrutisto@pahomepage.com.

About Survivor


Eighteen castaways will compete against each other on SURVIVOR, when the Emmy Award-winning series returns on Wednesdays on CBS Television Network. This edition of SURVIVOR, filmed in Cagayan, a province in the Philippines, will be themed “Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty.” The groupings of these tribes, each comprised of six castaways, reflect the distinguishing qualities that people bring to the game and test whether there is any truth to the pre-conceived notion that that certain characteristics will help you win the game of SURVIVOR. All castaways will compete to outwit, outplay, outlast and ultimately be crowned Sole Survivor. The show is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst.

For more information visit www.cbs.com/shows/survivor.